Our logo was designed by Alexis Thomas at The Write Place.

Alexis helped us choose a wonderfully appropriate symbol for our group, the dragonfly. In Japanese culture, the dragonfly symbolizes hope, a change in perspective and self-realization.

Hope: Our group exists to provide support and hope to those in the Cedar Valley who are walking this path.

Perspective: We wish to support people when their perspective may change during this journey. We also hope to provide support when families do not have the same perspective and need guidance from the group on how to handle differences.

Self-realization: People on this journey will undoubtedly learn more about them themselves and in time will find the right answer(s) for their journey.

Dragonflies can fly in all six directions. For our group this symbolizes the multitude of approaches there are for each person walking this journey. It also represents the resiliency each person has as they change direction in the face of a new obstacle.