On May 21, 2013 We held an open house to aid in connecting people with resources in our community. The following resources volunteered their time and talents to be with us that night. We are very thankful to have them as part of our Team RESOLVE.

Dr. Kelly Amosson | Chiropractic care & acupuncture

Dr. Valorie Prahl | Nutritional strategies & chiropractic care

Katie Squier, Iowa Kidsnet | Learn about foster parenting & adoption

IVF Family | Talk with a family who has been there

Support Group Members | Talk with members about our support group

Douglas Stanford, MD, OB-GYN Specialists, PC | Local doctor who treats infertility patients

Andrea Dellit, Support Group Facilitator | Learn about our support group or how to support those dealing with infertility & miscarriage

Cedar Valley Infertility Peer Led Support Group is affiliated with RESOLVE. CVIPLSG and RESOLVE do not endorse any particular doctor, medical practice, treatment or family building method. | resolve.org

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