About The Facilitator

My name is Andrea & here are some things you should know about me: I am a wife, puppy mommy, adoptive mommy, foster parent, tree hugger, music lover, social justice advocate, community volunteer, who works full time, and has a deep love for my friends, family, the Dallas Cowboys, the UNI Panthers, and the Chicago Cubs.

My husband and I both grew up near the Cedar Valley and went to college at UNI. After living out of state for 9 years another job opportunity brought us back to the area. Once back in Iowa and having struggled with infertility since 2005, we sought answers for our strife and I sought help for my emotional and mental struggle. I was shocked to discover there were no infertility support groups in the Cedar Valley and suffered in silence for many years. I am not a medical or mental health professional, just someone who wants to help others not suffer in silence.

After pursuing infertility treatments, my husband and I have chosen foster care and adoption as our route for parenthood and building our family. We have been foster parents since November 2011 and adopted 2 kids, ages 3 & 5 in February 2013 and 2 kids, ages 2 & 8 in November 2015. We respect that adoption is not the answer for everyone.